Sam Sherry

Samuel John Sherry, acrobatic dancer, clog dancer, musician and singer. (1912 – 2001)

Sam’s father was a self-taught dancer and professional music-hall entertainer who brought up all his children to be entertainers and dancers. Being the youngest of nine children Sam was taught both by his father and his older siblings and was encouraged (pressurized) to achieve a high standard in dancing and acrobatics.

Sam left school at the age of 14 to be a professional entertainer and after several line-ups with various family members The Five Sherry Brothers were formed. Through the 1930s the group toured and topped the bill at the leading variety theatres performing routines that combined music, singing, comedy, acrobatics and dancing.

The Five Sherry Brothers. Sam in the centre.

After the war Sam continued to perform professionally as a duo with his brother Peter. When Peter retired in 1956 Sam moved to Galgate near Lancaster and established a canal boat business. As a singer and guitarist he was a regular at a Lancaster folk club in the 1960s. When he performed a clog dance this was soon given enthusiastic encouragement by folk revivalists and he attended many folk festivals in the 1970s and 80s performing and teaching clog dancing. He started to teach clog dancing at Preston and Galgate. Lancashire Wallopers was established by members of his dance classes.

Sam also established the Lancashire and Cheshire Clog Dancing Competitions which continue today.

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